Wilma fucks around with Barney

Wilma fucks around with Barney

Oh, Wilma! The busty redhead has a terrible secret that she hopes her husband will never learn: she’s been screwing around with the neighbor! Barney Rubble has an amazing cock and the most tender of touches, and it drives Wilma Flintstone crazy every time he comes around. Today, Barney and Wilma are in such a rush to get it on that they don’t even make it to the bedroom! Instead, they rut on the ground like dirty animals who want to reach orgasm! Barney doesn’t even remove his clothes; he just pushes it up to reach Wilma’s hot cunt! See video at CartoonVideos24/7

Fred and Wilma Flintstone fuck

You have always recognized sins and virtues of modern people in the Flingstones, those funny painted guys from ancient times. Isn’t it weird that wild fellows like that do not fuck like bunnies on the screen every time they have a chance to? Enjoy the furtive side of prehistoric live of the lustful drawn couple and watch them enjoying sex experiments. Make sure that sex for pleasure is exactly what makes us sensible humans. See Wilma swallowing a huge fat Fred’s cock on the point of chocking in a vicious 69 position.

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The Flintstones threesome sex

All those funny drawn prehistoric folks are famous for their ability of getting into various exciting situations. Fred Flintstone, Wilma Flintstone and Barney Rubble are having a very special experience today, they become the pioneers of l’amour de trois! Isn’t it a real human breakthrough – using a couple of willing fuck-holes at the same time? Appreciate ancient sex tricks and natural lust of the vicious threesome. Enjoy huge painted cocks that shaft tight drawn pussy of Wilma standing of all four and sprinkle her with two generous hot loads of cum.

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Fred fucks his friend’s wife

When Fred feels bored, he fucks his friend’s wife Betty. The point is that her sweet butt is much
more delicious if compared with his wife. Barney is outside and he will come in a few hours. It
means that Fred and desirable woman have a lot of time to fuck. Fred licks Betty’s pussy and
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Wow! She sucks off as a real whore and it thrills. ‘The Flintstones’ toons are famous but you
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The Flintstones fuck scene

Fred feels lonely today and he decides to visit the girl next door. When he realizes that there
is nobody at home except Betty, he starts to seduce the sexy slut. Shameless Fred takes off his
big ‘thing’ and rubs sweet nipples of his naughty lover. The girl fondles the dick with gusto
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Only men will understand it is sometimes impossible to relax and fall asleep in the dead of the night because you boner keeps you awake craving for dirty and wet fucking work to do! Your famous painted pre-historic guys experience the same. After going out and having a wild backdoor encounter with each other they return to their primitive houses to go to sleep but the view of their drowsy females is so arousing the studs cannot help waking them to get them down on their knees and make them suck their naughty dicks!

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